Thank you, fans!

We hope you enjoyed hearing our "Hope Is the Sing with Feathers" concerts as much as we enjoyed singing for you.  

We're selecting songs now for our December concert series, "Rockin' the Boat." 

We will soon be expanding this website to include news about The Art Mob and its individual members as well as information about our concerts and CDs.  

Meanwhile, we invite you to join our email list and "like" our page on Facebook. 

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Members of The Art Mob:

Brent Frederick (music director), Connie Beckley, Hannah Sage Campbell, Gaynor Coté, Martin Donach, Frank Donno, Paul Martin Kovic, Cheryl Morrison, Dean Rainey, Brian Shaheen, Nancy Moore Simpson, Jared Stamm, Kirsten Skrinde, and Confidence Stimpson. 

For more information, email us.